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In Balatonszárszó, just some steps from Balaton lake, 415 m2 guest house for renovation with 12 rooms, terrace and management outbuilding or office - Ref. 830012

City - District



36.9 M HUF (cca. 120 900 €)


415 m2 + terrace + office building




539 m2

Construction material



for renovation


one floor *


in the street




yes / yes

Lawsuit & Credit

nothing **


06 (70) 949 3915 - Igor Laszlo


  • In Balatonszárszón, from some hundred meters of the lake side, a 415 m2 guesthouse is for sale with an entrance from a green side street. The building has two floors (ground floor plus one) and it is empty (not yet on the photos). There is a reception, a dining room, 12 bedrooms, one common shower by floor, separated toilets and a kitchen. A 35 m2 terrace takes place above the kitchen. Rooms have water connection for sink, in each room it is possible to build an independent bathroom. In the kitchen, cooking was solved by a gas bottle, but the fixed gas can be introduced from the street. From the upper rooms we can see the Balaton Lake.
  • So far, the property has only worked in season, that is why the heating was not built in. For that, gas can be introduced from the street or electric heater panels can be used, possible to use also a heating-cooling climate system or a solar panel.
  • The plot is 539 m2. In the corner of the plot there is a separate two-room building which served as an office/management apartment.
  • The property can be operated not only as a guest house, but it can be used as an office, showroom, educational center, shop, catering unit.
  • Unfortunately, we are only able to present images made with mobile phones but soon we will show better quality images!


* - in Hungary, the ground floor is not counted as a floor. If they say two floors, it means that there are a ground floor and two floors on it.

** - in Hungary the buyer AND the property, both are charged with the credit, so the status of the property must be checked before the purchase. This status can be checked on the title deed in the Land Registry Office. Ask your Hungarian lawyer to verify the situation or our sociaty can help you with this part of the administration.