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House with 3 apartments and a shop together in a good condition not far from Andrassy avenue and Hösök tere - Ref. 150004

City - District

Budapest 15th


83 M HUF (env. 272 000 €)


420 m2




400 m2 (240 m2)

Construction material





2 floors *




gas boiler


hot water from the same gas boiler as the heating

Lawsuit & Credit

nothing **


06 (70) 949 3915 - Igor Laszlo


  • In the Kolozsvár street of the 15th district, at the border of Zugló, Pestújhely and MAV-telep, a good conditioned 3 floor family house with 3 separated apartments and a shop is for sale. The property on a 160 m2 base is lying on a 20x20 m, 400 m2 land, the three floors together makes 420 m2 of living area + the loft, which is constructible.
  • Ground floor : the shop is found here, it makes 138 m2. It works as a pharmacy, which is composed by a selling area, 2 offices, a storage, 2 sink rooms, a laboratory, dressing room, a shower, separated toilet and the gas boiler is found here as well which makes a heating for the whole house. At the back side of the building, a 16 m2 kitchen is placed with a separated entrance which is a part of the 1st apartment on the first floor (this kitchen can be connected directly to the living room of the apartment with stairs).
  • A stairwell ensures the access to the floors, the separated entrances are found here.
  • 1. floor : two apartments. The first one makes 96 m2 + 16 m2 kitchen, composed by a living room, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a separated toilet. The above mentioned kitchen is a part of this apartment. The second apartment has symmetrically the same layout with the difference that the kitchen is in the apartment, so there is one room less (totally 3). It makes 70 m2.
  • 2. floor : this is the floor for the third apartment, which makes 100 m2. The corridor has an "L" shape, it widens at its end, which is used for dining room. There are two rooms and a half ***, a bathroom and a separated toilet. The big kitchen has a big storage room which is under the roof with a sharply dropping wall, so the present person can be stood normally in it.
  • All the apartments have a balcony which is not counted to the house size.
  • The loft under the roof is constructible for making a 4rd apartment in it.
  • The heating works with one gas boiler, found in the shop as mentioned above. The hot water is made by individual electric boilers by apartments. The property has one water meter.
  • The whole house is in a good shape and condition, probably a partial estetic renovation can be carried out (new tiles, painting...).
  • The front yard, just front of the shop is paved, three cars can park at the same time. The parking is free on the street.
  • There are 3 proprietors from the same family, all are agreed for the sale. The property has no lawsuit, no credit is charged.


* - in Hungary, the ground floor is not counted as a floor. If they say two floors, it means that there are a ground floor and two floors on it.

** - in Hungary the buyer AND the property, both are charged with the credit, so the status of the property must be checked before the purchase. This status can be checked on the title deed in the Land Registry Office. Ask your Hungarian lawyer to verify the situation or our sociaty can help you with this part of the administration.

*** - in Hungary the definition "room" means the totality of the living rooms and the bedrooms. The definition "half room" or "... + 1" means that there is a smaller bedroom which has a size between 6-12 m2. The definition "2 + 1" or "two rooms and a half" means that 1) or there are one living room, a bedroom and a smaller bedroom, 2) or two bedrooms and a smaller one.