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Budapest 2nd, lighty one room apartment in Törökvész, two blocks from Pasaréti street - Ref. 020005

City - District

Budapest 2nd


20.9 M HUF (cca. 68 500 €)


32 m2 + 3 m2 private cave part



Construction material





ground floor * in a 3 floors building


building central heating


hot water with gas heater, unlimited water consumption

Lawsuit & Credit

nothing **


06 (70) 949 3915 - Igor Laszlo


  • A 32 m2, bright one-room apartment is for sale in a quiet side street, two blocks from Pasaréti street.
  • The maintained condominium was built in 1972. The staircase have recently been painted. The building is placed in a huge, fenced, well-kept park with trees of decades and benches.
  • The apartment is located on the ground floor. We enter to the hallway, which is laminate flooring. In front, there is the kitchen and its left we find the dining room. The floors of these are covered with linoleum, the old pavement still exists under it. On the left, at the end of the hallway there is a bathroom with a shower and toilet, and the end of the hallway drives to the room which has a hard-wooded floor.
  • One of the room walls contains two windows which are large and look out the street over the front garden. From the kitchen and the dining room window you can see the neighboring house park, where there is no gateway traffic. The windows are provided with shutters, except the kitchen window which has grills.
  • The heating is building-central, hot water is supplied by a gas heater. The common cost is 21500 HUF (20 000 HUF in case of only one resident), which includes flat heating, unlimited water consumption, gardening, garbage transportation, stairwell cleaning, etc.
  • The apartment has its own cellar, and there are two large common storage rooms in the condominium.
  • With bus No. 5 you can reach Széll Kálmán square in a few minutes, and there is also the tram stop of the line 59 and 61 front of the Budagyöngye Mall, just few steps from the apartment. The infrastructure is excellent: pediatric clinic, post office, bank, petrol station and all what we need in everyday life are within 400 meters.


* - in Hungary, the ground floor is not counted as a floor. If they say two floors, it means that there are a ground floor and two floors in the building.

** - in Hungary the buyer AND the property, both are charged with the credit, so the status of the property must be checked before the purchase. This status can be checked on the title deed in the Land Registry Office. Ask your Hungarian lawyer to verify the situation or our sociaty can help you with this part of the administration.