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Budapest 2nd, 79 m2 apartment with a living room, two bedrooms, dining room and a terrace between Batthyányi tér and Margit körút, in city center - Ref. 020004

City - District

Budapest 2nd


53 M HUF (cca. 173 800 €)


79 m2 + 8 m2 terrace


2 + 1*

Construction material





6th floor **


building central heating


cold and warm water meters

Lawsuit & Credit

nothing ***


06 (70) 949 3915 - Igor Laszlo


  • Budapest 2nd, 79 m2 apartment with a living room, two bedrooms, dining room and a terrace in good condition is for sale in Víziváros, between Batthyányi tér and Margit körút, in the heart of the city, at Buda side. The flat is located on the 6th (highest) floor of the building with two elevators, built in 1996. A car parking can be bought in the deep garage under building for 5 million Forints.
  • The rooms are well-located, all of them have separated entrances. The kitchen has a storage room. The bathroom has a window and equipped with a bath tube, washing machine, dryer and toilet have enough place as well. There is a second, separated toilet too. The living room (19,6 m2) and one of the bedroom (14,7 m2) have a connection with the 8 m2 terrace.
  • The rooms are oriented to East, the kitchen to South. The Castle, The Fishers' bastion and and the cupole of the Parliament can be seen from the windows.
  • The property is in a good condition, the tiles are from the 90's. Carpet protects the hard wood floors of the rooms. The glasses of the windows are thermo-protectors. The entrance door is secured. There are two airconditioning in the flat.
  • The central heating system and the water pipes have been renovated not long ago. The heaters have a heater meter and there are cold and hot water meters as well, everything is payed after the mesured consumption. Common charges : 12000 HUF/month (cca. 39 €).
  • On the roof terrace the habitants can take a sunbath, make a pick-nick or a ping-pont table can be installed.
  • You can move maximum two month after the purchase.


* - in Hungary the definition "room" means the totality of the living rooms and the bedrooms. The definition "half room" or "... + 1" means that there is a smaller bedroom which has a size between 6-12 m2. The definition "2 + 1" or "two rooms and a half" means that 1) or there are one living room, a bedroom and a smaller bedroom, 2) or two bedrooms and a smaller one.

** - in Hungary, the ground floor is not counted as a floor. If they say two floors, it means that there are a ground floor and two floors on it.

*** - in Hungary the buyer AND the property, both are charged with the credit, so the status of the property must be checked before the purchase. This status can be checked on the title deed in the Land Registry Office. Ask your Hungarian lawyer to verify the situation or our sociaty can help you with this part of the administration.